Brock SQ Dryers

Offering Versatile, Fuel Efficient On-Farm Drying

When the cost of fuel is high, the SUPERB ENERGY MISER® SQ Series line of grain dryers makes even better dollars and sense as an investment for:

• Cutting-edge drying technology
• Versatility for drying management
• Total dryer management with the proven QUANTUM® Controller

Available in drying capacities ranging from 250 to 1,900 bushels per hour, the SQ Series line of dryers also offer a choice of continuous flow drying modes:

• Full Heat - single-zone or two-zone
• Pressure Heat/Pressure Cool
• Pressure Heat/Vacuum Cool

Meyer Tower Dryers

Proven Fuel-Saving Technology for Grain Drying Chores

For continuous flow grain drying, Brock’s MEYER ENERGY MISER® Tower Grain Dryer provides proven fuel-efficient technology you can count on for drying duties. This Brock dryer offers capacities ranging from 1,000 to 2,650 bushels per hour with five points of moisture removal.

Brock's line of tower dryers also provides the advantage of being able to use height as an option for adding drying capacity without increasing the dryer’s ground footprint in a facility.

Multi-Mode Drying

All MEYER ENERGY MISER Tower Grain Dryers utilize multi-mode drying and you can choose:

• Full heat drying for maximum capacity through the dryer.
• Pressure heat with suction cooling for maximum efficiency and capacity (saves up to 25% in fuel costs).
• Pressure heat with pressure cooling for some crops like sunflowers and milo where heat recycling is not

Brock Commercial Tower Dryers

Brock's continuous-flow BROCK® Commercial Tower Grain Dryer offers drying capacities ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 bushels per hour. This Brock grain dryer incorporates some of the best qualities of Brock’s proven MEYER ENERGY MISER™ Tower Grain Dryers while also adding some new features.

The new Brock commercial dryer design focuses on top quality and energy-efficient grain conditioning as well as offering user conveniences.

Features include:

• Narrower columns at the top. A narrower width column employed at the top of the dryer to help increase the air flow on the wettest grain to start the drying process sooner.

• Stainless steel screens. Stainless steel screen perforations are used in two sizes (.078 and .062) to help confine particulates for cleaner dryer operation.
• Commercial burner. A high-capacity, low-emission Maxon® burner is standard on BROCK Commercial Tower Dryers. The commercial-grade burner features a cast aluminum manifold to help reduce orifice corrosion and maintenance. Brock’s unique application of centrifugal fans allows the square burner to be mounted in a square duct and provides uniform airflow across the complete burner surface for efficient combustion and even heat mixing. The generous length of duct above the burner further enhances the temperature balance from the top to the bottom of the heat plenum.

• DWDI centrifugal fans. Double-wide, double-inlet (DWDI) centrifugal fans were the first choice for the BROCK Commercial Tower Dryers because they deliver more air while using less horsepower. This method of delivery promotes uniform, efficient movement of heated air. The twin-fan unit also offers easy access to motors for servicing as needed.

• Gentle grain unloading system. Brock's advanced Circular Drag Grain Unloading System (patented) evenly meters the grain from the grain columns and gently delivers it to the unloading point at the perimeter of the dryer.

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